WHO WE ARE: We are a non-profit group for mothers and expectant mothers of multiple birth children. We are a member of the Pennsylvania Organization of Mothers of Multiples Club. York White Rose Mothers of Twins and Triplets Club also recognizes a partnership of support with the Multiples of America.

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http://www.nomotc.org. Our club has been helping mothers of multiples since 1966.


OUR PURPOSES: Support mothers of multiples of all ages. Promote interest in and supply information about multiples. Help mothers raise their multiples with individuality while respecting the bonds of twinship. Supply information about medical research and studies of multiples. Provide opportunities for socializing with families of multiples. 

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I don't know about you, but I joined my mother of multiples group in need of support and to find some likeminded mothers. My mother of multiples friends have been my lifesaver so many times when my girls were younger. As with any organization, the type and depth of impact depends solely on the members in the organization and the vision imparted from the leadership. I do feel that multiples groups have a great opportunity to positively impact our multiples.


When my girls were toddlers, I just needed another mother who understood what I was going through. While my own mother raised four children of her own, she was frequently at a loss on how to handle twins. It was nice to be able to send an e-mail, text or even call a fellow mother of multiples and hear real applicable advice. The support and understanding I gained from my multiples group really encouraged me in the day to day care of my twins. Especially when I felt a particular phase of life would never end, it was greatly encouraging to hear someone else say, "You can do this. It's just a phase."


Upon initially joining my mother of multiples group, my greatest desire was for my girls to realize that they were not alone. We had just moved from a small rural community, and every time I left the house with the kids we attracted massive amounts of attention. I wanted the girls to realize that there are lots of multiples out there and eagerly embraced play dates with other families of multiples so that my girls could see the large variety of twins. Now that they are school-aged, I am hoping that the twin friendships they have made will remain strong. The mother of multiples organizations have the opportunity to provide school age multiples with a "safe haven" where they can relate and share their multiples experiences with friends who truly understand.


I loved hearing advice from veteran parents of multiples. Through my multiples group, I was able to connect with parents who had already "been there, done that" and learn from their experiences. The guest speakers and reading recommendations shared at our monthly meetings directly impacted the decisions my husband and I made when raising our twins. I feel that as new parents, we were able to make fewer mistakes and hopefully wiser choices in how we handled parenting decisions all due to other parents of multiples.


As our twins age, mother of multiples groups offer them a much wider world view with opportunities to trave to NOMOTC's convention. For teenage and even college age multiples it provides an incredible learning experience not only about the host location but also how business is conducted. Talk about a great opportunity!


While mother of multiples groups are mainly formed to support the parents of multiples, they also directly impact our multiples in a multitude of positive ways. Everything from giving mothers a needed night out to providing multiples themselves with a support system help make mother of multiples clubs an invaluable source. NB


Article written for NOMOTC's Notebook l Fall 2013 By Sahar Enis | District Reporter 1A

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       I have found such comfort in the York White Rose Mothers of Twins and Triplets and my sister members. I was in utter shock when I found out I was having twins. With their advice, care and support, that shock was quickly put to ease.


Misty Young

       I found a group of local moms who "get" what life with twins is all about!! I don't have to explain to any of them why some days are so hard; they truly understand!!

Jody Hahn

      This wonderful group was so welcoming when my family and I first moved to York. I found an instant group of lifelong friends who understand the unique challenges families of multiples experience. Their support and encouragement has been amazing - not to mention sanity saving!

Kristen Gill