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York White Rose Mothers              of Twins & Triplets

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We are a non-profit support group for mothers of multiple birth children. Our purpose is to unite mothers of multiple births by providing fellowship and information.  We encourage mothers to raise their multiples with individuality while respecting the bonds of twinship. We have been supporting the York community for over 50 years.
Our monthly meetings provide a refreshing opportunity for socializing in a relaxing setting for today's busy mother of multiples.  After a brief discussion of business, our meeting time continues with a program that may include social time, refreshments, crafts, community service projects, and speakers.  We also host socials for members, parents, and the whole family.
Our club offers a diverse membership, so regardless of the age of your multiples, club members will be available to offer advice.  Sometimes the best advice comes from someone who has been through raising multiples and more.


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I joined this group over 40 years ago and still enjoy and benefit from it.  From the helpful advice and support with babies, through school, and beyond, they have been there for me.  I've mad the best friends anyone could have.  We all enjoy meeting, helping, and commiserating with moms of twins of all ages.  And it's always rewarding to help our community alongside these wonderful ladies.

        Nancy Burrs



 I have found such comfort in the York White Rose Mothers of Twins and Triplets and my sister members. I was in utter shock when I found out I was having twins. With their advice, care and support, that shock was quickly put to ease.


Misty Young

       I found a group of local moms who "get" what life with twins is all about!! I don't have to explain to any of them why some days are so hard; they truly understand!!

Jody Hahn

      This wonderful group was so welcoming when my family and I first moved to York. I found an instant group of lifelong friends who understand the unique challenges families of multiples experience. Their support and encouragement has been amazing - not to mention sanity saving!

Kristen Gill






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